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MCI Transformers





PC mount

MCI 4-01/4-02
MCI 4-03/4-04
MCI 4-05
MCI 4-11/4-12
MCI 4-24
MCI 4-41/4-42
MCI 4-44
MCI 4-81
MCI 4-82

Standard Stock Line:

MCI maintains an extensive inventory of horizontal, vertical, and low profile printed circuit board transformers and quick-connect power transformers which are recognized under Underwriters Laboratories file No. E86403 (M). and/or CSA LR80864 and / or CE certified to EN61558 by TUV.


Custom Transformers:

To 100KVA single and 3 phase. MCI can design custom transformers to your requirements whether modifying a standard design or to your own exacting criteria.

Chassis mount

MCI 4-06-x5/4-07-x5
MCI 4-06/4-07
MCI 4-29
MCI 4-46/4-47
MCI 4-49
MCI 4-50
MCI 4-52
MCI 4-53
MCI 4-54

UL Class 2

P.C. mount, 4-24
Quick connect, 4-29
Quick connect power, 4-06/4-07 & 2-51

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